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About Us

Companies face many challenges in the marketplace - whether it be competition, an increase in the costs of doing business (raw materials, overhead, the cost of energy, etc), policy that is prohibitive, new technologies or simply the inability to see substantial future opportunities. These challenges are often difficult to face alone.

Clustering is a concept that has been used for thousands of years, but has only been developed as a formal business strategy in South Africa within the past 10 years. The idea behind clustering is simple. A cluster is a group of companies that work collaboratively to overcome challenges and achieve objectives that would be too difficult to achieve as an individual company, for the benefit of the cluster and industry as a whole.

The Casting, Forging and Machining Cluster is a non-profit, industry-led collective of manufacturers in the electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, electro-technical and software industries of South Africa. Our members are wire makers, control and instrumentation specialists, automation and internet of things specialists, future technologies providers and consultants, just to name a few. The cluster takes on initiatives and sources projects that align with the cluster's values, focus areas and objectives. Above all, the cluster is an inclusive environment for local industry to engage and work together to build a globally competitive electro technical industry in South Africa.

Driving Forces


The cluster promotes localisation through a drive for import replacement and the advocacy for properly enforced local content requirements. By promoting locally produced electrical, electro-technical, electro mechanical and software products and helping the dti with the enforcement of local content restrictions, we empower local manufacturers to partake in the existing local marketplace.

Access to Market

Through efforts made to localise and improve competitiveness, the cluster also builds collaborative relationships with government at various levels, state-owned enterprise and large original equipment manufacturers. The aim is to work towards creating better opportunities for local manufacturers, help solving problems and to assist them to meet local content requirements through supplier development.


ETIC strives to build competitiveness throughout the value chain, with the ultimate goal being a sustainable  electrical, electro technical, electro mechanical, and software industries in South Africa. Designated local content is good for building demand for locally produced electro technical products and services, however, it is not sustainable. The cluster and its members know that being competitive is the only way to create the sustainable industries of tomorrow.


Supplier Development

The needs of the buying community determine the requirements and technology that will be necessary for demand to be met by ready supply side manufacturers and service providers. The cluster aims to help suppliers to understand this demand and make the correct investments and process developments for this future demand to be met. This is an ongoing process that results in market readiness for existing and future markets.

Cooperative Synergy

The cluster is an industry-led collaborative effort to advance the use of locally produced electrical, electro-technical, electro-mechanical and software products and services. Cluster members represent some of the best manufacturers and service providers in South Africa. By working together, the cluster can achieve more than any one organisation can alone, and more than the sum of each individual effort.

Changing Perceptions

The cluster aims to change the perception of buyers toward locally produced electro technical products and engineering abilities in South Africa. By fostering competitiveness, driving out barriers and providing perspective to members, the cluster hopes to help improve the local supply, and change buyer perceptions of what is possible. We want to show the buying community that historical experiences are not the reality anymore.




Primary focus areas

Secondary focus areas


Water works

Ethics & Integrity

ETIC believe that ethical business practices and integrity is an integral part of a trusted supplier. We encourage good practice in everything we do, and encourage our members to do the same. Doing business with a South African manufacturer or service provider should be pleasant experience, without concern of immoral or harmful business practices.

South African First

ETIC is an advocate for South African manufacture and service delivery. We believe that the best way to bring about a economy wide, broadscale improvement and increase the number of jobs is to support companies that use South African expertise, hire South African employees and buy South African products and services.

We care.

Cluster Values

Focus Areas

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99 Skew Road, Anderbolt, Boksburg.

Room 221, Floor 2, JFa2 Technical Training Institute, Danone Building.

A cluster affiliate of the RSA Clusters Programme.


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